I'm THE LITTLE LADY who wants to Preserve your good old days. 


Being a Wedding & FAMILY photographer is my other full time job.

You’ll rarely catch me with my hair brushed, or music off. I bake way too much for my family to consume - usually at 11pm - with Downton Abbey playing in the background. We spend our days harvesting salmon, gardening, beekeeping, and jumping at any opportunity to travel! 

My husband Nick and I moved to Alaska a few days after graduating high school, and got married young, built a home, and started having babies. Our kids are the product of two young, hardworking, and adventurous parents who never had a party phase, so we just party with them instead. Seriously, countless dance parties to the tangled soundtrack before bed.

My two girls are the reason I am so passionate about my work. I want to create keepsakes out of these precious days for others. At the end of the day that's all that really matters — those chubby (usually sticky) little hands that hold us tight.  

Wife, mama, BEE keeper

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Are we a good fit? 

I want photography to be more than something on your to-do list to check off.

Sometimes you don’t realize it when you’re spending days and weeks focused on centerpieces and who sits where, and literally what underwear to wear, but photography is what will last. It will last past your wedding day, and not get sent home with bridesmaids or an aunt like your centerpieces will.

I invest in you just as much as you invest in me. Photographs are the only thing that will actually increase in value over time. We should cherish nostalgia. I get to create that for your future selves, your kids, grandkids, and so on. Photographs last, and that’s the mindset and devotion I bring to your wedding day.

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest deal,  I’m not that. 

And that’s more than okay, because you deserve to have a photographer who perfectly fits your wants and needs - including your budget.